How can I get NTN Number in Pakistan

How can I get NTN Number in Pakistan

How can I get NTN Number in Pakistan

Here we explain, ¬†answer of the thousands people, ‘How can I get NTN Number in Pakistan’?

It is procedural work to get NTN (National Tax Number) number in Pakistan.

There are two methods to apply NTN Application.

  • Manual Application submission

  • Electronic Application Submission

If anybody wants to submit document for registration of NTN Number, He / She has to contact with Regional Tax Office (RTO). Normally in Pakistan, regional tax office is available in major cities for guidance.

The other method for submission of NTN Number through Online, using FBR Terminal, fill all the relevant boxes, create login ID on FBR website, you will get password and pin code on your mobile number as well as on email, fill the relevant boxes, verify the application and submit via electronically.

How can I get NTN Number in Pakistan

You will be received email about confirmation of submission of application. If you entered correct information per FBR requirement, your National Tax Number is issued within 72 hours. FBR office may require any further documents / verification checks.

For Private Limited companies and Firm Registration, they must go to FBR offices in physical presence, to create login id and NTN registration process in Pakistan.

It is very important, if you apply online, you must careful before submission of application, once the application submitted, you cannot change the information.

If you require consultancy for registration of NTN in Pakistan, you may contact us.

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  1. Azhar Iqbal says:

    I would like to have my NTN number i am salary many charges for this purpose .

  2. Hamad says:

    I have an individual NTN, I want an NTN for a company, what procedure shall I follow?

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