Company registration requirements in Pakistan

Company Registration Requirements in Pakistan

Company registration requirements in Pakistan: In Pakistan, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) provides services for new Company Registration in Pakistan, like Pvt. Limited Company, Single Member Company, public limited company, Foreign Company Registration, NPO, NGO, Trade Associations. First of all, here we will discuss, about the new company registration requirements in Pakistan and also […]

How To File Income Tax Return in Pakistan

How To File Income Tax Return in Pakistan: The first thing here is to discuss about, who should file Income Tax Return in Pakistan? as well as how to file income tax return in Pakistan?. Who should file Income Tax Return in Pakistan? Having NTN number (National Tax Number) Annual Income Rs.400,000/- or more, it […]

Requirements for Overseas Recruiting Licence in Pakistan

Overseas Employment Licence

Overseas employment is playing a vital role in increasing foreign exchange in Pakistan as well as curtailing un-employment pressure. A lot of skilled, semi-skilled and lower skilled citizens of Pakistan are doing great jobs in all parts of the word and sending huge amount of foreign income in Pakistan and promote the name of Pakistan. […]

Form C Registration

Form C Registration

Form C Registration: It is an other common name of firm registration which is called Form C Registration. The Registrar of Firms registers this certificate i.e. Firm C Registration in every district of Pakistan and is done under Partnership Act 1932. Presently firms are being registered by City District Government throughout Pakistan. the documents required […]